Monday, February 27, 2017

Censorship Tightens it's Grip.

Free speech.

If you are born here in the United States, freedom of speech comes as naturally as your next breath. Just like when you turn on the faucet and you expect water to come out, or when one flips on a light switch and he expects light to come forth. In America, Canada and even in parts of western Europe, free speech is a given. Just as when you turn on the evening news at five twenty and the weather report is always on, reliable as usual.

We live in a tumultuous time however. Our rights are at the very least changing, if not being done away with all together. To generations under mine, this is no big deal. Just another restriction, like when one of their teachers asks them to be quiet. Even some in my generation X, it is barely noticed. As long as they have the phone in their hand, or other entertainment to keep their minds somewhat busy, having their free speech limited, or even taken is not a consideration, much less a problem. If they are fed and dressed well, live comfortably and stay distracted, then what's the problem?

If they've always had it, then do they know the true value of it?

For some that are my age and older however, this doesn't sit well at all. It is paramount to treason. How can this be America when there is censorship? Truly, it goes against the core values of what an American is. What's next? If we aren't free to say what we want, what's truly on our minds, what other freedoms will be taken? Will we be free to worship as we see fit? Will the authorities have the right to search our homes and cars without permission? Will we be kept from defending ourselves? Truly, if the first amendment of the constitution has been taken overnight under the cover of darkness as it seems, what other liberties have we lost, and the government gained?

Once one line is crossed, the others become blurred, and you can't uncross crossed lines.

This isn't a glaring obvious thing. It's more sinister than that. There was no announcement, not from a mainstream source. In fact, in most cases it still appears that the first amendment is in tact.

As long as the things you are saying are around trusted people, and agreeable when you aren't around trusted ones, then you are still free to say almost anything you want.

If you are out at night and pass violent protesters, then you might want to be more careful about what you decide to say. Saying something that a protester doesn't agree with can get you called a Nazi under the best of circumstances, or in a worst case scenario can earn you pepper spray or a tire iron to the face. If you lose an argument online and the loser is sore about it- which always happens- then you magically become a racist, sexist, fascist homophobe just because you spoke truth according to your own perception.

The  most blatant censorship has occurred online.

The United States of America invented the Internet, the world wide web. Our government got the first use of it decades before us, but for the common man or woman, the internet was born in 1990. Freedom of speech was a given online also.

It would have been unthinkable back then for anyone to say, 'Oh yes, that's right, when you are online you have no constitutional rights." No one would have dared.

At least they wouldn't tell us that.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden made sure we found out decades later though. He made sure we knew that our privacy had been violated by the NSA, that the fourth amendment had already flown out the window.

Would it really be shocking to learn that we had lost our other rights?

On October 1, 2016, the internet and all that goes with it was sold to the UN. The intials UN stand for United Nations. A sect that is part of One World Order. Founded in 1919 as the League of Nations, WWII broke the treaty of worldwide peace, so it was reborn as the UN.

Under the UN however, no national laws apply. It is an agency onto itself. So really, how could our first and fourth amendment rights be violated once the Internet was owned by this universal agency bound to no country's laws?

The simple answer is our rights can't be violated because they don't exist. We have no constitutional rights online since the Internet's owners had changed hands. Whatever laws were violated by the NSA before October 1, 2016, ended there. The UN has every right to spy on us, and censor anything we say or put out onto the Internet. It's just that simple. American laws and limitations do no not apply.

This didn't come without warning if you knew who to listen to. Alex Jones warned for months, he knew the inside baseball.

As a reward for that early warning he was one of the first ones to be censored.

First it was a series of cyber attacks on his websites. Alex would skip around online, making new ones as the need arose, and it worked for a while.

However recently, in this past week the UN has become more aggressive. A site called 'Natural News' that featured home remedies and herbal advice has been taken down. The government doesn't want a site available that would keep it's subjects away from the doctors, insurance companies and big pharma. It just disappeared. No one can find it anywhere, not even it's creator.

This was an old trick to Infowars, Alex had many sites taken down on many occasions, but he never gave up. He kept putting the info out. Not only on his sites but repeatedly on social media so we always had the information.

Then last week he suffered another crippling blow. Google had made it impossible for Infowars to advertise, so there is not much cash coming into Alex's operation now. This was money he used to pay his employees, or for equipment. To produce the volume of content that Alex Jones puts out is no small thing. All Alex has is his advertisers and the supplements, water filters, and generators that he sells to his listeners. As a customer myself I can tell you that Alex's products are top notch. He spares no expense on his products or his work. Alex works himself to the bone trying to warn all of humanity, and trying to keep us strong.

This is why he is being met with so much resistance.

Alex doesn't do all of this work, putting out videos seven days a week, making sure he only sells the best, so he can get rich. It's not for fast cars, big houses, long exotic vacations or beautiful women.

Alex does all of this for his country, his children, for all of humankind. Alex is one of the few real men left in this world that cares about where our planet is headed. This is why he and so many others like him are being silenced.

Just the things going on with my Twitter account are proof of that. Locked out daily, constant twelve hour bans where only my followers can see me. Many of my friends permanently banned. One day I woke to find that everyone I was following was gone, and I followed no one. This took up an incredible amount of time trying to find everyone. The whole time I was missing the news that morning. And of course it was a busy news day.

That's the one thing all of these interruptions have in common. They all happen at peak news times. Making me lose my notifications, articles and people I need to report anything decently. Anything to mess up the rythym. Surely it happens to all the conservatives I follow as well. Pulling out all the stops to slow the message. To keep people in the dark.

If we stay silent, and allow these small things to happen, even if it's not to us directly, then how much farther have we paved the way for the enemy? If we don't talk about internet censorship, about people losing their jobs just because of their political views, kids losing time in class because they spoke up about their fascist teachers, then tomorrow we will have lost more freedoms, until we have lost it all.

It can happen much faster than we think.
Just look at all that has happened already.


  1. Hey Jem, well written, well said; thank you. There is another insidious method the left is using to control us. You've no doubt heard of unconscious bias, particularly racial bias. Work places and universities are now putting in place mandatory Unconscious Racial Bias testing. Then when they uncover a bias you never knew you had, (and you don't), then they force you to undergo racial bias retraining workshops. I can go on an on. I am planning on writing about it. This is a terrible precedent, and the test was developed by an avowed Marxist and it doesn't even pass the standard for testing and is no predictor of behavior. Useless! Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your article. You are so on track with everything you say here. When we lose our rights it's just tiny little bits at a time that most don't notice until it's far too late. Thank you for speaking up, and speaking out! Well done!!

  2. Thank you for such encouraging comments. It gives me strength to keep going:)

  3. Going to read all of this blog soon enough. lol (KekKitchen @ twitter)

    1. Yeah, its pretty puny rn, but thanks so much for checking it out. Can't wait to check your stuff out. Love rants♡