Friday, March 3, 2017

State of the Union Address

Where to begin.
There is so much going on it's difficult to find a place to start.
Stocks soared for third day in a row, although the dollar began to lose value in the afternoon. This was because of the threat of a rate hike.
The price of gold remains down, so people won't see the dollar plummeting. Silver is your best bet- today anyway.
The market hit an all time high this week, breaking records passing the twenty one thousand mark on March first.

This happened the day after president Trump gave an amazing speech. Even some of his haters, like Van Jones had to agree.

"In that moment he became the president of the United States." Was his surprising response. Even on CNN the approval rating was higher than ever.

Watching it was a riveting experience for a State of the Union address. Usually a pleasant but slightly boring experience, president Trump's speech was awe inspiring.
Trump does nothing in a small way however, so it wasn't a complete shock.
There was a very moving but awkward moment when he honored Carryn Ownens-  the widow of the Navy Seal that was killed in the first raid in Yemen. The first with this president as commander in chief.

Trump gave Owens a standing ovation with full on clapping for an entire two minutes.
We all watched her trying to control her tears, looking up to heaven, in prayer, or talking to the love of her life we don't know.

As the clapping wore on, the stares on Owens became heavy. I started to feel a pang of sympathy for her, not just for her pain and grief, but for the continued thousands of stares, even the people seated right next to her.

Perhaps they felt it appropriate for the two minutes, to give her honor for Owens' great sacrifice. It's not unnoticed. But a moment to two of silence out of respect for her would have been kinder. A few of us think this, but the president seemed very satisfied with the display exclaiming how the applause had broken yet another record.

It wasn't mean spirited, maybe a bit thoughtless. But there was not a dry eye by the time it was over. It was a beautiful moment, not just for those in attendance,  but for the millions of television viewers.

The dems were there, some of them, all wearing white, as if in sufferage. They refused to stand and applaud, all but three of them. The three that did were not wearing white, and were just as enthusiastic as every conservative in the house.

The dems also had the bad taste to invite illegals, they must have had extra room since so few of them showed up for the ceremony. Much like the inauguration, disgraceful.

But during the speech they not only sat there sullenly in their creepy white costumes, but they acted as if they had reverted back to elementary school. Booing and giving the 'thumbs down' whenever Trump talked about radical Islam, or illegal immigration. The lowest point was when the president announced that he was starting a new program called VOICE. Victims of Illegal immigrants Crime Engagement. The boos and gasps were so loud that the microphones and cameras picked them up. The epitome of shame.

How could they be so selfish when Trump honored the father who had lost his son, because an illegal alien had killed him? There were other ones present that had all lost loved ones at the hand of an illegal that they had failed to keep out.

Truly showing the worst of our nation, the memory that stands out the worst to me was Pelosi's sour disrespectful looks that she kept giving. Never more insolent than when the president spoke of immigration policy, and the new VOICE program. She never looked older, more haggard than that night sitting with her skinny arms and legs crossed, as if the world owed her more than the hundreds of millions she had already obtained illegally in office. Somehow she felt cheated, as if her and her illegal guests deserved the place of honor ahead of the widow who had lost everything for our freedom.

As an interesting side note, the Russian ambassador also was invited by the dems, and he sat with them. Who knows what he must have thought seeing such embarrassing behavior?

While the beautiful event went on inside, even with all of the disregard the dems showed, anti Trump protesters did all they could outdoors to make noise, trying to disrupt the speech if they could. Bringing noisemakers, and beating on pots and pans, it was another grievous display.

Imagine what the rest of the world must think of us spoiled Americans, when we, and our very leaders behave so awfully.  People in Venezuela are killing each other over a loaf of bread or a piece of sausage. Killing the zoo animals for meat. People with Epilepsy and other disorders are seizing up and dying, due to the fact that meds have been unavailable for so long.

But us. We can't even get along during one of the happiest occasions we've had so far with our new president.

Yes, Trump is a bit rough around the edges, not finely polished like politicians are. But he is sincere, and is doing all he can to keep his campaign promises. Truly, we have never had such an honest, devoted president in this century I dare say. At least not that I've seen or read about.

We are given this rare gift, and the liberals not only want him out of office, they want him dead. Death threats, violent and morbid memes abound on social media. Every daytime talk show host or hostess trashes him alongside late night comedians.

These are the kind of people that called for the blood of Christ. A man who had healed ills, fed nations, and raised the dead. It didn't matter what he did, they kept calling for his blood. Even begging for the release of Barabas, a murderer, so Jesus could take his place. For this type of crowd, the brainwashed multitude, nothing less would do, and the same applies today.

Not that Trump is anywhere near perfect. Not that he is so Christlike. But the man isn't out to kill us like the rest are. Trump truly loves our country, and the people within it. He's taking great measures to keep us safe and to help us to prosper again, like a superpower should. Like we used to. Before the communists and globalists sank their teeth into us.

But no, the opposition is incredible. It's within the corporate media, within our senate. The top eight richest people in the world still decide our fate in the end, but our president is brave enough to take them on. Of course the indoctrinated masses today are against him.

Celebrities led the mobs outside the white house. Screaming senseless things, insane things, and the zombies ate it up and used it for fuel. Which is worse? To be a sheep like these people who don't think for themselves?  Or to be a rich celebrity that knows what is going on, but doubles down on the evil anyway? Or worst of all, to be a celebrity with no clue still, just one of the zombie sheep?

This was just on Tuesday, February twenty eighth. The next few days had their own trials and difficulties. But that is another story.

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