Monday, February 27, 2017

Censorship Tightens it's Grip.

Free speech.

If you are born here in the United States, freedom of speech comes as naturally as your next breath. Just like when you turn on the faucet and you expect water to come out, or when one flips on a light switch and he expects light to come forth. In America, Canada and even in parts of western Europe, free speech is a given. Just as when you turn on the evening news at five twenty and the weather report is always on, reliable as usual.

We live in a tumultuous time however. Our rights are at the very least changing, if not being done away with all together. To generations under mine, this is no big deal. Just another restriction, like when one of their teachers asks them to be quiet. Even some in my generation X, it is barely noticed. As long as they have the phone in their hand, or other entertainment to keep their minds somewhat busy, having their free speech limited, or even taken is not a consideration, much less a problem. If they are fed and dressed well, live comfortably and stay distracted, then what's the problem?

If they've always had it, then do they know the true value of it?

For some that are my age and older however, this doesn't sit well at all. It is paramount to treason. How can this be America when there is censorship? Truly, it goes against the core values of what an American is. What's next? If we aren't free to say what we want, what's truly on our minds, what other freedoms will be taken? Will we be free to worship as we see fit? Will the authorities have the right to search our homes and cars without permission? Will we be kept from defending ourselves? Truly, if the first amendment of the constitution has been taken overnight under the cover of darkness as it seems, what other liberties have we lost, and the government gained?

Once one line is crossed, the others become blurred, and you can't uncross crossed lines.

This isn't a glaring obvious thing. It's more sinister than that. There was no announcement, not from a mainstream source. In fact, in most cases it still appears that the first amendment is in tact.

As long as the things you are saying are around trusted people, and agreeable when you aren't around trusted ones, then you are still free to say almost anything you want.

If you are out at night and pass violent protesters, then you might want to be more careful about what you decide to say. Saying something that a protester doesn't agree with can get you called a Nazi under the best of circumstances, or in a worst case scenario can earn you pepper spray or a tire iron to the face. If you lose an argument online and the loser is sore about it- which always happens- then you magically become a racist, sexist, fascist homophobe just because you spoke truth according to your own perception.

The  most blatant censorship has occurred online.

The United States of America invented the Internet, the world wide web. Our government got the first use of it decades before us, but for the common man or woman, the internet was born in 1990. Freedom of speech was a given online also.

It would have been unthinkable back then for anyone to say, 'Oh yes, that's right, when you are online you have no constitutional rights." No one would have dared.

At least they wouldn't tell us that.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden made sure we found out decades later though. He made sure we knew that our privacy had been violated by the NSA, that the fourth amendment had already flown out the window.

Would it really be shocking to learn that we had lost our other rights?

On October 1, 2016, the internet and all that goes with it was sold to the UN. The intials UN stand for United Nations. A sect that is part of One World Order. Founded in 1919 as the League of Nations, WWII broke the treaty of worldwide peace, so it was reborn as the UN.

Under the UN however, no national laws apply. It is an agency onto itself. So really, how could our first and fourth amendment rights be violated once the Internet was owned by this universal agency bound to no country's laws?

The simple answer is our rights can't be violated because they don't exist. We have no constitutional rights online since the Internet's owners had changed hands. Whatever laws were violated by the NSA before October 1, 2016, ended there. The UN has every right to spy on us, and censor anything we say or put out onto the Internet. It's just that simple. American laws and limitations do no not apply.

This didn't come without warning if you knew who to listen to. Alex Jones warned for months, he knew the inside baseball.

As a reward for that early warning he was one of the first ones to be censored.

First it was a series of cyber attacks on his websites. Alex would skip around online, making new ones as the need arose, and it worked for a while.

However recently, in this past week the UN has become more aggressive. A site called 'Natural News' that featured home remedies and herbal advice has been taken down. The government doesn't want a site available that would keep it's subjects away from the doctors, insurance companies and big pharma. It just disappeared. No one can find it anywhere, not even it's creator.

This was an old trick to Infowars, Alex had many sites taken down on many occasions, but he never gave up. He kept putting the info out. Not only on his sites but repeatedly on social media so we always had the information.

Then last week he suffered another crippling blow. Google had made it impossible for Infowars to advertise, so there is not much cash coming into Alex's operation now. This was money he used to pay his employees, or for equipment. To produce the volume of content that Alex Jones puts out is no small thing. All Alex has is his advertisers and the supplements, water filters, and generators that he sells to his listeners. As a customer myself I can tell you that Alex's products are top notch. He spares no expense on his products or his work. Alex works himself to the bone trying to warn all of humanity, and trying to keep us strong.

This is why he is being met with so much resistance.

Alex doesn't do all of this work, putting out videos seven days a week, making sure he only sells the best, so he can get rich. It's not for fast cars, big houses, long exotic vacations or beautiful women.

Alex does all of this for his country, his children, for all of humankind. Alex is one of the few real men left in this world that cares about where our planet is headed. This is why he and so many others like him are being silenced.

Just the things going on with my Twitter account are proof of that. Locked out daily, constant twelve hour bans where only my followers can see me. Many of my friends permanently banned. One day I woke to find that everyone I was following was gone, and I followed no one. This took up an incredible amount of time trying to find everyone. The whole time I was missing the news that morning. And of course it was a busy news day.

That's the one thing all of these interruptions have in common. They all happen at peak news times. Making me lose my notifications, articles and people I need to report anything decently. Anything to mess up the rythym. Surely it happens to all the conservatives I follow as well. Pulling out all the stops to slow the message. To keep people in the dark.

If we stay silent, and allow these small things to happen, even if it's not to us directly, then how much farther have we paved the way for the enemy? If we don't talk about internet censorship, about people losing their jobs just because of their political views, kids losing time in class because they spoke up about their fascist teachers, then tomorrow we will have lost more freedoms, until we have lost it all.

It can happen much faster than we think.
Just look at all that has happened already.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Milo be able to rise again?

Yesterday Milo Yiannopolis did something pretty stupid. He joked about having sex with a thirteen year old child.
Normally, for someone on the left, like say Salon, this is no big deal. In fact they and few other papers have been publishing articles normalizing pedophilia. Headlines like, 'Pedophilia, a disorder, not a crime' have become commonplace in certain papers.
However, after a conservative jokes about such a thing, it goes right back to unacceptable. Even if the conservative is a Jewish, gay man with plenty of black boyfriends.
Hearing only snippets of the news throughout the day, it wasn't an issue to me, certainly not newsworthy. I hadn't heard the whole story, didn't know what had been said. The tweets that were out here and there seemed like a sick joke. In my mind some liberals were picking on Milo, and what liberal in their right mind wouldn't pick on Milo right now?
Milo had soared to great fame in recent weeks. One of Breitbart's senior editors, he became popular with the rise of the paper. Then there was his natural flair. His great comic skills, and speaking ability. In fact he was such an influential speaker, he was making the rounds to college campuses around the US.
Milo was controversial to say the least. The latest riots in Berkeley had broken out because of him and his right wing message. The 'Dangerous Faggot Tour' was hugely successful though. Any publicity, good or bad, only made this young man more famous. After the notorious Antifa riots at Berkeley, where young women were beaten with flag poles and pepper sprayed just for having MAGA gear on, his book 'Dangerous' rose to number one on Amazon overnight. He was so hot, so influential, it seemed this young man could do no wrong.
It wasn't just his comic genius, but his message that held merit. Milo saw the ridiculousness of liberal feminism, he appreciated free speech and made great use of it.
"One of the things that makes this the best country in the world," Milo drawled in his lovely British accent, "is that you can say almost anything you want here-almost anything- so long as it's done in a joking manner. Even if you are insulting someone right to their face, it's hard for this person or group of people to stay angry, if what you're saying is devastatingly funny."
It appears this time humor was not enough, or perhaps even Milo can misstep and tell a bad joke sometimes.
Pedopholia is certainly not a joking matter, and I'm afraid Milo is finding this out the hard way.
Within the spand of an hour The Drudge report was breaking headlines that would make even the sturdiest of comedians cry. 'Milo Yiannopolis uninvited from CPAC' was the first one. Others questioning his employment with Breitbart. 'Book Deal in Trouble?' followed shortly after.
Milo was infallible in many minds.  He is a genius, not just his comic or writing skills put him there for us either. It was his decimation of the left and all that was wrong with it. Milo was so smart, that he could make a fan out of anyone willing to listen to him longer than five minutes. Even hardcore redneck conservative Christian men could appreciate him. Milo mentioned this recently, when he had stumbled out of his tour bus wearing a pink skirt, heels and pearls, and a full face of make up. He was in the deep south, a place where normally he would have gotten beaten or killed for just existing. A man happened to be at this truck stop where Milo had showed up, with the tour name, 'Dangerous faggot' written on the side of his bus, right next to a picture of his face.
"Now boy I don't approve of the way you choose to live your life, but you just keep speaking kindly of our president to these young people." The man then walked away. In a town like the one where they were, this was not the usual reaction from a conservative male. Milo was actually praised instead of lynched in a place where most would have looked the other way.
Everyone's luck runs out eventually it seems.
First was a tweet from Mark Dice which set my head reeling.
"Not surprised that Milo would endorse sex between children and adults, he is gay. What a sicko. He bathed in pig's blood too."
Replying something in shock I asked if both were actually true. I was well over the fact that he was gay. Whatever his sexual preferences were, they were none of my business, unless they included children. That is a crime in my book, and to many others still surprisingly.
I then looked at the most reliable paper, The Drudge Report, wondering how I could have missed such news. The first article I found linked to Milo's Facebook page.
There was the apology. Some drivel about how he could see how bad what he'd said looked. No further confirmation needed I returned to the tweet that informed me in the first place, only to see a photo that Mark had posted, one that made Milo lose my endorsement forever.
A slip of the tongue, a misunderstanding can happen to anyone.
But one doesn't just slip, stumble and fall into a tub of pig's blood on accident. Certainly not with as much relish as this photo displayed. Forever changed in my eyes, that was it for me. As far as I was concerned the allegations could very well be true. A person this sick is capable of anything.
Not long after that was the headline, 'Book Deal Gone' and I wasn't surprised.
It wasn't just the blood, the 'accidental joking' of sex with a kid. It was political witch hunt that everyone on the right was experiencing. It's the fact that the left and the deep state are looking for ANY reason to unseat our president. What Milo had done, however unintentional, left a smear as large as those unforgettable blood stains on right conservative Americans. Is this the beginning of the end? Already people are justifying the horrendous riots that took place in Berkeley. As if such a thing could ever be justified. It doesn't matter though. Everyone knows the left is mentally disturbed, so it's all right for them.
Not long after a YouTube video was released by Milo. It was the only place on social media I had not unsubscribed. I didn't even watch it. It didn't matter, the damage had been done either way.
I left Milo a short message explaining why I could no longer endorse him. But not before reading the beginning of his statement.
"I was sexually abused. The way we deal with this pain in our family is through humor..." It really was too little too late. He had to lose his book deal, untold fans, so many public speaking events, to then explain that it was his own sexual abuse he was joking of? He should have included it in the joke. Or at the very least made this sort of statement in the beginning, before the shit had hit the fan so to say.
Later in the evening Alex Jones was touting the line for him, putting out a video titled, 'Milo was sexually abused, not the abuser'. Burning up the little bit of credibility he had left with many no doubt.
In regard to his job at Breitbart, would any of us still have a job after joking about such a thing? Forgive me, but there's no sympathy in our hearts there. Here are just a few of the words I told him myself.
"It doesn't matter how much good you do. Do just one wrong thing, and that is what everyone will be talking about, and will remember forever.
Words are like fire. If you aren't careful you can burn down an entire city."
It's too bad that Milo had to lose so much, to learn that you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.
Will Milo be able to rise again?
In this world, where sexual perversion is all the rage, it wouldn't be very surprising.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Media blasted again and censorship

Yesterday was a kick in the teeth.
All I did was share an enormous amount of content on Twitter, just like any other day, and tell a couple of trolls to fuck off.
The next thing I knew, my account was censored for twelve hours. Only my followers could see my articles, vids and tweets. Very new to social media as it is, so I don't have much of a following yet. I opened the account about eight weeks ago to help fight the infowar, and to warn others of what is really going on. The fakestream media as we are now calling it, only feeds us lies and propaganda.

For some reason though, I have been very popular on every account I make. On Facebook, I opened the account in December of 2015, and within three months I had already hit the five thousand friend limit. Even with my account on Twitter censored all day yesterday, I still gained followers throughout the day. Some of my followers were angry, so they shared my stuff a little more, otherwise, instead of it slowing down to a trickle, the constant adding of people would have dried up all together. Still, it put a dent in my productivity. I've got pain issues, and to think that I hurt my hands all day so I could warn five extra people instead of twenty was discouraging.

Today was back to normal, but I could tell that things had slowed down for me. Being very methodical, it takes hours to research the material. Unlike fakestream media, I want to make sure everything I share, or write here is accurate. Truth is powerful in a huge and pure way. Dishonor is the opposite. Once there is a lie found, well we all know, the trust is broken.

So, going in my usual routine, things were slower. Until a well known and good man happened to tweet me. Then people noticed my content again, and the stream was flowing properly.

"It doesn't make sense. People share hardcore porn on here, and argue swearing, using such abusive speech, and they censor you? This is bull shit!" My friend Victor said minutes after the restrictions yesterday. "I'm going to push your stuff even harder today. It's not anything you did wrong. It's because you speak truth and have solid arguments."

That made me feel a lot better, and I tried to encourage Victor to write more himself. He wants to do more too, but has limited time. I have lots of time, and a mind that won't quit, but my body fails me. My health issues are extensive, I could write an entire substantial piece just on that.

One highlight after the week of horrific news, and the unfair censorship, was the press conference that our new POTUS held yesterday.

The 'dishonest media' as president Trump calls them were all there clamoring as always. The president was calm and kind. He even took questions from CNN the Crap News Network as some of us like to call it. CNN is the absolute worst. No other news organization is as biased, and deceitful. Run purely by globalist operatives, they only push a far leftist agenda, peppered with lies. During the very first press conference that Trump held after his inauguration, he refused to take one question from them. Even when the reporter heckled, on and on, after the president told him not to be rude, he still persisted.

"No, I will not give you a question. Your organization is terrible." President Trump repeated several times. "No, I will not. You are fake news." He kept pointing to another female reporter, but she was not able to speak for at least a few minutes. A true debacle for CNN, the reporter made a complete ass out of himself.

Other leftist celebrities took to Twitter the next day to voice their displeasure.

"Never have I had so much trouble sleeping after seeing such a terrifying press conference." Michael Moore stated. There were many statements like this throughout the next few days. Calling president Trump a dictator, fascist, Nazi. Accusations that he had infringed on their free speech just because he didn't want to take a question from a fake news organization.

Yesterday was more subdued, the president took his time and remained calm even though he had to keep answering the same questions about the Russian ruse. This whole Russian thing is a distraction from the real story. It keeps the public's mind off of the leaks in the administration, and the prosecution of Hillary Clinton that has yet to take place.

Clinton is guilty of many war crimes throughout the Middle East. Libya and many other Middle Eastern countries has been a destabilized mess since her term as Secretary of State from 2009-13. She let four American Seals die, after they had asked for help for days.

The earthquake in Haiti during January of 2010 was another travesty due to the Clinton foundation, that she and her husband, former president Bill Clinton ran. It was supposed to be for the benefit of the suffering people there after the massive disaster. For some reason  soldiers from the UN who were there to help supposedly, urinated and defacated in the Haitian's water supply. This caused am epidemic of cholera, that killed ten thousand more besides the death toll of the earthquake itself. The Clintons collected millions of dollars to help these poor people, yet they saw less than four percent of the money. The island still lies in concrete ruins seven years later. A hundred million was raised to build a hospital that the Hatian people still don't have.

These are only a few of her transgressions. Clinton lied under oath on more than one occasion. Deleted and acid washed over thirty three thousand emails, after the Oversight Committee asked for all of her emails, and devices. A week before the election, despite her staff members carrying hammers around to destroy their devices whenever they were caught with one, her aid Huma Abedien also was caught with a laptop that had tens of thousands more emails that Clinton had failed to turn over. The only reason this was discovered was because Abedien's husband, Anthony Weiner was being investigated for pedophelia. But that also is another story. Many suspect that Clinton was working with Obama and the Muslim brotherhood, as she was pushing alliances with Abedien's mother, the top FGM (Female genital mutilation) pusher in Saudi Arabia.

The Russian ruse is quite weak, and none of us beside the lunatic liberals have forgotten Clinton's crimes. Again these are just a few.

When president Trump finally took the question from CNN yesterday, it was comical to say the least. He had already mentioned how terrible and dishonest they and the other networks had been covering his executive orders and other activities since taking office.

In all fairness, all of the networks besides FOX have handled his transfer of power like a political witch hunt. Critical of his every move, always casting the president in the worst light possible. It's unprecedented. Never in anyone's memory has a president been so slandered.

"Since you've attacked our organization calling us fake news.." the reporter was cut off.

"Oh I'm changing it, you're not fake news anymore." The president interrupted him.

"Oh no?"

"No, you're VERY FAKE NEWS." Trump said with a grin. As I laughed out loud in delight so did all the other reporters in the room. The CNN snakelike reporter took it well since he knew the eyes of the nation were on him, and went on to ask another series of tedious repetitive questions.

There were a few fair questions about policies, the travel ban designed to keep terrorists out, and a lot of unfair questions that were meant to trick president Trump into saying what his military plans were in regard to Russia, which could have been tragic if he had taken the bait. We held our breath, knowing this man wasn't a politician, but only an excellent business man for the last forty years.

"I'm not telling you what I'm doing as far as military and I don't have to. I'm not announcing to my enemies what my plans are, I don't have to do that."

Letting out a sigh I only smiled watching the question take many different forms from many different reporters, until he'd had enough and ended the press conference.

The president was was more than fair, gave good answers to reasonable questions, and ignored the jerks that tried to slip in complex ridiculous ones designed to trip him up.

Of course the crazy leftists took to their devices, saying the same rabid craziness that they did after the last conference.

But those of us that knew better were watching the highlights over drinks and laughter. Those lamestream fools had underestimated our POTUS again and it was a delight and relief to see, sorely needed. These are scary times geopolitically. The levity was sorely needed and well deserved.

So tomorrow's another day, as we fight the dying dinosaur media. Some of us love the truth, and we will die defending it.

These are the times we are living in, and for all the terror and hard work, it is an epic time to be alive.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn's Political Assassination a Dark Omen of Things to Come

What a news day. 
It all started as many of us were getting ready for, or already in bed last night.
The liberal fake mainstream media, coupled with the swamp dwellers on both sides of the aisle, worked with the deep state to take General Michael Flynn down. Pushing him into a corner on trumped up charges, bringing negative attention to the Trump administration, until there was no choice left for him but to disappear for the good of the republic.

Of course he will still advise President Trump behind the scenes. This bit is just intuition, but many others have had the same sentiment.

During the special period between the election and the inauguration, there was dialogue between the growing administration, and the Kremlin in Russia. 

We are all aware of the Russia hysteria. Whether we know it's a distraction, or we are the ones with the cold war paranoia, Russia is the party line whenever something fails.

When the cheap shower liner I had was disintegrating, the first thought in my mind was a comical, 'The Russians hacked my shower liner, hacked it to pieces'.  Anytime a car broke down, a storm blew through, oh it was those Russians. Even though the CIA could never produce any concrete evidence of their interference in our election.

The president elect had already promised to call Putin, to discuss a deal. The word was they wanted to forge an alliance in order to beat ISIS. Which is not a bad idea to any sane person.

General Flynn had discussed some of the details over the sanctions that Obama had placed with a member of the Kremlin. This is a serious offense according to a very antiquated law. 

Of course there are spies from the deep state watching for any slip or miss from Trump's people. They worked hand in hand with MSM to bring much a do about almost nothing.

The only statement that Flynn made was that after the inauguration, he would of course look into lifting the sanctions that were placed for no reason onto Russia.

While this is happening, the administration is blaming leaks from inside the GOP or the DNC to make this common knowledge, so that the general would look weak and traitorous.

Where are the leaks coming from? This was the question of the day. 

It was NSA.

This could happen to anyone, as they record everything. Every phone conversation, text or email. They can even watch you or turn the mic on, on your phone in order to spy. This can be done even if your device is powered off. The only way to make sure this Orwellian device isn't watching with it's electronic eye, is to dismantle the entire phone. Meaning, taking the battery and the Sim card out. I have no doubt this is how they got this info.

Now, the issue here is that President Trump and his administration are moving at such a breakneck pace to clean up the mess in our country on every front, that Flynn was unable to give complete information in his brief to the vice president, or the president himself. There have been several executive orders, ICE roundups are steadily increasing as time passes. Also, many pedophile busts around the world.

This is pissing the deep state off. They don't want the swamp drained, the problems in the country cleaned up. They're not giving up on their plans for a coup. They had to do something to slow it all down.

In the president's first week he got more done than any other president in generations. He was making good on his promises. Working on repealing Obamacare, bringing hundreds of thousands of jobs back if not more to our desperately poor citizens that had been forgotten during the last eight years. He signed into law a travel ban on the most dangerous seven countries in the middle east, to ensure our safety and borders. He even began plans on the promised 'wall' between us and Mexico.

All of these things are triggering the insane liberals. Conservatives are happy again and they can't stand it. 

They protest in the streets daily since Trump won the election. Even in the middle of winter they are out there day and night. Sometimes peaceful and sometimes not. We've had a good share of rioting. Abusive and violent speech. These protesters have been getting paid by George Soros since before the election. Many people have been beaten and injured. Police, women, it doesn't matter.

They are paid to agitate and that's exactly what they do. Blocking traffic, attacking Trump supporters, destroying private and public property, pepper spraying anyone in the face that just happens to have a MAGA hat on. Causing injury and disturbing the peace trying to shut down free speech whenever a conservative comes to speak at a college or university. 

Complete mayhem. Anything to provoke the conservatives into fighting back. Labeling us as Nazis and Fascists so they can then rationalize violence against us. 

"Nothing like punching a Nazi in the face." This is a statement made daily on social media and in the streets.

These brainwashed sheep have been drinking the koolaid so long that they've become insane drug addicts, pedophiles, the dementia is unbelievable.

Nowhere is this more evident then in the democratic party itself. Nancy Pelosi, a democrat leader that has been there into her own dementia, made it evident that she didn't even know what year it was the other day.

"There's nothing I can find that I can work with president Bush on." Which Bush we don't know, but it's clear from her shaky hand gestures and wavering dialogue that she is unfit to lead a girl scout troup.

Then there is the fossil, Maxine Waters. At the very same press conference, when Pelosi made an ass out of herself, she accused Putin of invading Korea with Trump's help. She was obviously taking signals from someone she kept looking at while she spoke. She must have thought that when her coach said 'Crimea' he was actually saying Korea. Just a few seconds before she had to look in the same direction, so she could remember Aleppo, and fraudulently accuse Putin of killing all of their civilians. 

Today Pelosi bashed Flynn over posts made on a fake Twitter account for over two minutes.


A fish rots from the head down. Michael Savage has said this on many an occasion, and never has it been more apparent than when we look at the left today.

Feminists, fake doctors and professors filling people minds with propaganda. The most leftist cities in our countries, that have been harboring illegals against the presidents orders recognize as many as fifty two genders. They actually teach this stuff to our children. Some of these extreme people even give their children hormone therapy at grade school ages when they become confused from the degradant content on their televisions and the internet.

Hollywood has jumped on board at every event possible. Any self respecting conservative has boycotted these sociopaths. They care more about keeping their illuminati positions with the shadow government than they do about the minds of the masses they are poisoning.

Today all of these people are rejoicing. Along with the mainstream media that worked so hard on their fake news to help bring this General down from his position in the president's cabinet.

All of these enemies of our constitution are chipping away at Trump's administration. They bragged today about blood being in the water. They don't plan to stop. 

The economy is crashing. Businesses are closing while the stock market breaks records everyday. Toshiba is declaring bankruptcy, their CEO resigned today. The signs and the real numbers are all there, but the zombies don't pay attention. 

There is a race going on. Who can crash it first.

If Trump can do it soon, then it's possible that Obama can rightly be blamed for the crash.

But if it drags on into the third or fourth quarter, then Trump and his administration will take the fall, and will not survive it politically.

One way or the other, it's looking like these globalist sadists are going to remove our president if he doesn't comply to their wishes. 

I seriously doubt he will.

Trump is used to winning. He's had an amazing life and looks at all this danger like the biggest game, with the highest stakes. 

Our very lives.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fake News

Fake news.
We hear these two words daily. A plague for all of us. A danger for the sheeple victims of it. A problem for the alternate media trying to uncover the truth. An annoyance for those trying to foist fake news upon all of us. An ineffective tool for the elite that are in a panic because real news has begun to surface over the last ten years or so with the masses turning to the internet.

Today, Dave from the X22 report said that schools are beginning to teach kids what fake news actually is. K through twelve. At least half of inner city schools will turn out illiterate kids, with some erroneous idea of what is fake, and what is real. If they can't read, then how can they research? 

They can't.

These kids will be victims of the alphabet network media complex. Being dumbed down by so many factors, we are seeing new sheeple graduate every year as if on an assembly line, that produces more each year.

At least that is the plan. 

But studies have shown that this next generation z, will be more informed and enlightened than any generation before it.
Only if those of us in x and y do our job though. It's our responsibility to make sure our kids learn the truth. After all, with so much propaganda floating around the net assaulting all of us, we have to do the research, our due diligence to make sure that our kids know the difference between real and fake news.

Let me be clear.
I'm only a commentator.
I have no interest in reporting these stories.
I just want to give my opinion on the truth

This is another tactic of desperation trying to indoctrinate generation z of what the central bankers and elite want us all to believe. An effort to discredit and debunk those of us who only want to know and share the truth, so that our children can become as brainwashed as the lunatic liberals are right now.

There is mass hysteria because of this information war. The fake news complex, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NYT, Washington Post, the list goes on and on. All of these fake stations and sites are the easiest to access, and sure, they have a few truthful points.

However the bigger issues, the news that really matters, those are the inverted truths that teach the meaning of the twilight zone.

These people race bait, manipulate economic numbers, even go so far as to cause terror, or fake a scene of terror, just for ratings since they know that they are losing their viewers to more reliable sources. The list goes on here too. The things the government complex media push get more extreme by the day. Rumors presented as truth in Geo political stories. War, reports of war. Who said this, or whispered that, all with very thin evidence if any. All the drama, facts mixed with fiction to stir the pot, make the masses crazy. It's a plan. A very well thought out plan, that has been executed very poorly by this fake media.

The fact remains, that we have to dig deep to sift out the truth. To find out who really is pulling all the strings. Controlling our currency, our jobs, our lives, if we let them.
The sources I have are everywhere. Even in the most fake agencies, there is a grain of truth visible to the trained eye.

Then there are the best sources. Drudge Report, Infowars, Savage Nation, Rebel Media, Mark Dice. They're not perfect, none of us are. But these people are beholden to no one. The government does not fund them. Doesn't call the shots on what they can or cannot report.
One rule I live by.
If you want to know who is lying to you, consider who you cannot criticize. 
In the honest media, the real news, you can correct them when they make a mistake, and because they are honest they are thankful for the help and adjust their news accordingly.

In the dishonest media, the fake news, well they just want you to shut up and sit down. These people have no interest in debate or freedom of speech.
Therefore you cannot criticize them. 
The fake news organizations will only double down on their lies, and concoct more lies to discredit you.

What is the answer? Another source of mine, Stefan Molyneaux put it simple and clear.
Facts are the most important weapon in our arsenal. Make no mistake. This is war on every level.
The man who knows the news, can control empires.
The person who believes propaganda is lost. Confused to the point that they have no identity. Hysterical, conspirital, never offering a sound argument because he has no facts to reason with.
Think about the things we've seen lately.
The terror of Islam, and nuclear war.
The insanity of pussy hats and imagined swastikas on the sidewalk where a city worker marked a manhole cover.
These are all real problems, but they are hyped to the point that some of these problems are causing new ones that weren't necessary in the first place.
We can do better than this.
We owe it to our children, every earthling and our very planet.
In conclusion, I'll tell you what my father said when I asked him why it was wrong to lie.
"Lies hurt people."