Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Milo be able to rise again?

Yesterday Milo Yiannopolis did something pretty stupid. He joked about having sex with a thirteen year old child.
Normally, for someone on the left, like say Salon, this is no big deal. In fact they and few other papers have been publishing articles normalizing pedophilia. Headlines like, 'Pedophilia, a disorder, not a crime' have become commonplace in certain papers.
However, after a conservative jokes about such a thing, it goes right back to unacceptable. Even if the conservative is a Jewish, gay man with plenty of black boyfriends.
Hearing only snippets of the news throughout the day, it wasn't an issue to me, certainly not newsworthy. I hadn't heard the whole story, didn't know what had been said. The tweets that were out here and there seemed like a sick joke. In my mind some liberals were picking on Milo, and what liberal in their right mind wouldn't pick on Milo right now?
Milo had soared to great fame in recent weeks. One of Breitbart's senior editors, he became popular with the rise of the paper. Then there was his natural flair. His great comic skills, and speaking ability. In fact he was such an influential speaker, he was making the rounds to college campuses around the US.
Milo was controversial to say the least. The latest riots in Berkeley had broken out because of him and his right wing message. The 'Dangerous Faggot Tour' was hugely successful though. Any publicity, good or bad, only made this young man more famous. After the notorious Antifa riots at Berkeley, where young women were beaten with flag poles and pepper sprayed just for having MAGA gear on, his book 'Dangerous' rose to number one on Amazon overnight. He was so hot, so influential, it seemed this young man could do no wrong.
It wasn't just his comic genius, but his message that held merit. Milo saw the ridiculousness of liberal feminism, he appreciated free speech and made great use of it.
"One of the things that makes this the best country in the world," Milo drawled in his lovely British accent, "is that you can say almost anything you want here-almost anything- so long as it's done in a joking manner. Even if you are insulting someone right to their face, it's hard for this person or group of people to stay angry, if what you're saying is devastatingly funny."
It appears this time humor was not enough, or perhaps even Milo can misstep and tell a bad joke sometimes.
Pedopholia is certainly not a joking matter, and I'm afraid Milo is finding this out the hard way.
Within the spand of an hour The Drudge report was breaking headlines that would make even the sturdiest of comedians cry. 'Milo Yiannopolis uninvited from CPAC' was the first one. Others questioning his employment with Breitbart. 'Book Deal in Trouble?' followed shortly after.
Milo was infallible in many minds.  He is a genius, not just his comic or writing skills put him there for us either. It was his decimation of the left and all that was wrong with it. Milo was so smart, that he could make a fan out of anyone willing to listen to him longer than five minutes. Even hardcore redneck conservative Christian men could appreciate him. Milo mentioned this recently, when he had stumbled out of his tour bus wearing a pink skirt, heels and pearls, and a full face of make up. He was in the deep south, a place where normally he would have gotten beaten or killed for just existing. A man happened to be at this truck stop where Milo had showed up, with the tour name, 'Dangerous faggot' written on the side of his bus, right next to a picture of his face.
"Now boy I don't approve of the way you choose to live your life, but you just keep speaking kindly of our president to these young people." The man then walked away. In a town like the one where they were, this was not the usual reaction from a conservative male. Milo was actually praised instead of lynched in a place where most would have looked the other way.
Everyone's luck runs out eventually it seems.
First was a tweet from Mark Dice which set my head reeling.
"Not surprised that Milo would endorse sex between children and adults, he is gay. What a sicko. He bathed in pig's blood too."
Replying something in shock I asked if both were actually true. I was well over the fact that he was gay. Whatever his sexual preferences were, they were none of my business, unless they included children. That is a crime in my book, and to many others still surprisingly.
I then looked at the most reliable paper, The Drudge Report, wondering how I could have missed such news. The first article I found linked to Milo's Facebook page.
There was the apology. Some drivel about how he could see how bad what he'd said looked. No further confirmation needed I returned to the tweet that informed me in the first place, only to see a photo that Mark had posted, one that made Milo lose my endorsement forever.
A slip of the tongue, a misunderstanding can happen to anyone.
But one doesn't just slip, stumble and fall into a tub of pig's blood on accident. Certainly not with as much relish as this photo displayed. Forever changed in my eyes, that was it for me. As far as I was concerned the allegations could very well be true. A person this sick is capable of anything.
Not long after that was the headline, 'Book Deal Gone' and I wasn't surprised.
It wasn't just the blood, the 'accidental joking' of sex with a kid. It was political witch hunt that everyone on the right was experiencing. It's the fact that the left and the deep state are looking for ANY reason to unseat our president. What Milo had done, however unintentional, left a smear as large as those unforgettable blood stains on right conservative Americans. Is this the beginning of the end? Already people are justifying the horrendous riots that took place in Berkeley. As if such a thing could ever be justified. It doesn't matter though. Everyone knows the left is mentally disturbed, so it's all right for them.
Not long after a YouTube video was released by Milo. It was the only place on social media I had not unsubscribed. I didn't even watch it. It didn't matter, the damage had been done either way.
I left Milo a short message explaining why I could no longer endorse him. But not before reading the beginning of his statement.
"I was sexually abused. The way we deal with this pain in our family is through humor..." It really was too little too late. He had to lose his book deal, untold fans, so many public speaking events, to then explain that it was his own sexual abuse he was joking of? He should have included it in the joke. Or at the very least made this sort of statement in the beginning, before the shit had hit the fan so to say.
Later in the evening Alex Jones was touting the line for him, putting out a video titled, 'Milo was sexually abused, not the abuser'. Burning up the little bit of credibility he had left with many no doubt.
In regard to his job at Breitbart, would any of us still have a job after joking about such a thing? Forgive me, but there's no sympathy in our hearts there. Here are just a few of the words I told him myself.
"It doesn't matter how much good you do. Do just one wrong thing, and that is what everyone will be talking about, and will remember forever.
Words are like fire. If you aren't careful you can burn down an entire city."
It's too bad that Milo had to lose so much, to learn that you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.
Will Milo be able to rise again?
In this world, where sexual perversion is all the rage, it wouldn't be very surprising.

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  1. Nice article Jem. I was an avid follower of Milo, and I was at the Milo protest/riots filming the chaos. I firmly belive the university was behind the riots and never intended to let him speak. Lots of reason why I believe that. Not sure how I feel about Milo now. I'm saddened we lost a champion of free speech and so much more that we stand for. It was a diabolical move on the left. though. They had those sound bits for a long time. I saw the messages on 4chan. They had a plan to take him down and were trying to decide when. They chose to do it just before CPAC and the book coming out because if they had waited, he might have been too difficult to bring down. Anyway, nice, very thought provoking work again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!