Monday, February 13, 2017

Fake News

Fake news.
We hear these two words daily. A plague for all of us. A danger for the sheeple victims of it. A problem for the alternate media trying to uncover the truth. An annoyance for those trying to foist fake news upon all of us. An ineffective tool for the elite that are in a panic because real news has begun to surface over the last ten years or so with the masses turning to the internet.

Today, Dave from the X22 report said that schools are beginning to teach kids what fake news actually is. K through twelve. At least half of inner city schools will turn out illiterate kids, with some erroneous idea of what is fake, and what is real. If they can't read, then how can they research? 

They can't.

These kids will be victims of the alphabet network media complex. Being dumbed down by so many factors, we are seeing new sheeple graduate every year as if on an assembly line, that produces more each year.

At least that is the plan. 

But studies have shown that this next generation z, will be more informed and enlightened than any generation before it.
Only if those of us in x and y do our job though. It's our responsibility to make sure our kids learn the truth. After all, with so much propaganda floating around the net assaulting all of us, we have to do the research, our due diligence to make sure that our kids know the difference between real and fake news.

Let me be clear.
I'm only a commentator.
I have no interest in reporting these stories.
I just want to give my opinion on the truth

This is another tactic of desperation trying to indoctrinate generation z of what the central bankers and elite want us all to believe. An effort to discredit and debunk those of us who only want to know and share the truth, so that our children can become as brainwashed as the lunatic liberals are right now.

There is mass hysteria because of this information war. The fake news complex, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NYT, Washington Post, the list goes on and on. All of these fake stations and sites are the easiest to access, and sure, they have a few truthful points.

However the bigger issues, the news that really matters, those are the inverted truths that teach the meaning of the twilight zone.

These people race bait, manipulate economic numbers, even go so far as to cause terror, or fake a scene of terror, just for ratings since they know that they are losing their viewers to more reliable sources. The list goes on here too. The things the government complex media push get more extreme by the day. Rumors presented as truth in Geo political stories. War, reports of war. Who said this, or whispered that, all with very thin evidence if any. All the drama, facts mixed with fiction to stir the pot, make the masses crazy. It's a plan. A very well thought out plan, that has been executed very poorly by this fake media.

The fact remains, that we have to dig deep to sift out the truth. To find out who really is pulling all the strings. Controlling our currency, our jobs, our lives, if we let them.
The sources I have are everywhere. Even in the most fake agencies, there is a grain of truth visible to the trained eye.

Then there are the best sources. Drudge Report, Infowars, Savage Nation, Rebel Media, Mark Dice. They're not perfect, none of us are. But these people are beholden to no one. The government does not fund them. Doesn't call the shots on what they can or cannot report.
One rule I live by.
If you want to know who is lying to you, consider who you cannot criticize. 
In the honest media, the real news, you can correct them when they make a mistake, and because they are honest they are thankful for the help and adjust their news accordingly.

In the dishonest media, the fake news, well they just want you to shut up and sit down. These people have no interest in debate or freedom of speech.
Therefore you cannot criticize them. 
The fake news organizations will only double down on their lies, and concoct more lies to discredit you.

What is the answer? Another source of mine, Stefan Molyneaux put it simple and clear.
Facts are the most important weapon in our arsenal. Make no mistake. This is war on every level.
The man who knows the news, can control empires.
The person who believes propaganda is lost. Confused to the point that they have no identity. Hysterical, conspirital, never offering a sound argument because he has no facts to reason with.
Think about the things we've seen lately.
The terror of Islam, and nuclear war.
The insanity of pussy hats and imagined swastikas on the sidewalk where a city worker marked a manhole cover.
These are all real problems, but they are hyped to the point that some of these problems are causing new ones that weren't necessary in the first place.
We can do better than this.
We owe it to our children, every earthling and our very planet.
In conclusion, I'll tell you what my father said when I asked him why it was wrong to lie.
"Lies hurt people."

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