Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn's Political Assassination a Dark Omen of Things to Come

What a news day. 
It all started as many of us were getting ready for, or already in bed last night.
The liberal fake mainstream media, coupled with the swamp dwellers on both sides of the aisle, worked with the deep state to take General Michael Flynn down. Pushing him into a corner on trumped up charges, bringing negative attention to the Trump administration, until there was no choice left for him but to disappear for the good of the republic.

Of course he will still advise President Trump behind the scenes. This bit is just intuition, but many others have had the same sentiment.

During the special period between the election and the inauguration, there was dialogue between the growing administration, and the Kremlin in Russia. 

We are all aware of the Russia hysteria. Whether we know it's a distraction, or we are the ones with the cold war paranoia, Russia is the party line whenever something fails.

When the cheap shower liner I had was disintegrating, the first thought in my mind was a comical, 'The Russians hacked my shower liner, hacked it to pieces'.  Anytime a car broke down, a storm blew through, oh it was those Russians. Even though the CIA could never produce any concrete evidence of their interference in our election.

The president elect had already promised to call Putin, to discuss a deal. The word was they wanted to forge an alliance in order to beat ISIS. Which is not a bad idea to any sane person.

General Flynn had discussed some of the details over the sanctions that Obama had placed with a member of the Kremlin. This is a serious offense according to a very antiquated law. 

Of course there are spies from the deep state watching for any slip or miss from Trump's people. They worked hand in hand with MSM to bring much a do about almost nothing.

The only statement that Flynn made was that after the inauguration, he would of course look into lifting the sanctions that were placed for no reason onto Russia.

While this is happening, the administration is blaming leaks from inside the GOP or the DNC to make this common knowledge, so that the general would look weak and traitorous.

Where are the leaks coming from? This was the question of the day. 

It was NSA.

This could happen to anyone, as they record everything. Every phone conversation, text or email. They can even watch you or turn the mic on, on your phone in order to spy. This can be done even if your device is powered off. The only way to make sure this Orwellian device isn't watching with it's electronic eye, is to dismantle the entire phone. Meaning, taking the battery and the Sim card out. I have no doubt this is how they got this info.

Now, the issue here is that President Trump and his administration are moving at such a breakneck pace to clean up the mess in our country on every front, that Flynn was unable to give complete information in his brief to the vice president, or the president himself. There have been several executive orders, ICE roundups are steadily increasing as time passes. Also, many pedophile busts around the world.

This is pissing the deep state off. They don't want the swamp drained, the problems in the country cleaned up. They're not giving up on their plans for a coup. They had to do something to slow it all down.

In the president's first week he got more done than any other president in generations. He was making good on his promises. Working on repealing Obamacare, bringing hundreds of thousands of jobs back if not more to our desperately poor citizens that had been forgotten during the last eight years. He signed into law a travel ban on the most dangerous seven countries in the middle east, to ensure our safety and borders. He even began plans on the promised 'wall' between us and Mexico.

All of these things are triggering the insane liberals. Conservatives are happy again and they can't stand it. 

They protest in the streets daily since Trump won the election. Even in the middle of winter they are out there day and night. Sometimes peaceful and sometimes not. We've had a good share of rioting. Abusive and violent speech. These protesters have been getting paid by George Soros since before the election. Many people have been beaten and injured. Police, women, it doesn't matter.

They are paid to agitate and that's exactly what they do. Blocking traffic, attacking Trump supporters, destroying private and public property, pepper spraying anyone in the face that just happens to have a MAGA hat on. Causing injury and disturbing the peace trying to shut down free speech whenever a conservative comes to speak at a college or university. 

Complete mayhem. Anything to provoke the conservatives into fighting back. Labeling us as Nazis and Fascists so they can then rationalize violence against us. 

"Nothing like punching a Nazi in the face." This is a statement made daily on social media and in the streets.

These brainwashed sheep have been drinking the koolaid so long that they've become insane drug addicts, pedophiles, the dementia is unbelievable.

Nowhere is this more evident then in the democratic party itself. Nancy Pelosi, a democrat leader that has been there into her own dementia, made it evident that she didn't even know what year it was the other day.

"There's nothing I can find that I can work with president Bush on." Which Bush we don't know, but it's clear from her shaky hand gestures and wavering dialogue that she is unfit to lead a girl scout troup.

Then there is the fossil, Maxine Waters. At the very same press conference, when Pelosi made an ass out of herself, she accused Putin of invading Korea with Trump's help. She was obviously taking signals from someone she kept looking at while she spoke. She must have thought that when her coach said 'Crimea' he was actually saying Korea. Just a few seconds before she had to look in the same direction, so she could remember Aleppo, and fraudulently accuse Putin of killing all of their civilians. 

Today Pelosi bashed Flynn over posts made on a fake Twitter account for over two minutes.


A fish rots from the head down. Michael Savage has said this on many an occasion, and never has it been more apparent than when we look at the left today.

Feminists, fake doctors and professors filling people minds with propaganda. The most leftist cities in our countries, that have been harboring illegals against the presidents orders recognize as many as fifty two genders. They actually teach this stuff to our children. Some of these extreme people even give their children hormone therapy at grade school ages when they become confused from the degradant content on their televisions and the internet.

Hollywood has jumped on board at every event possible. Any self respecting conservative has boycotted these sociopaths. They care more about keeping their illuminati positions with the shadow government than they do about the minds of the masses they are poisoning.

Today all of these people are rejoicing. Along with the mainstream media that worked so hard on their fake news to help bring this General down from his position in the president's cabinet.

All of these enemies of our constitution are chipping away at Trump's administration. They bragged today about blood being in the water. They don't plan to stop. 

The economy is crashing. Businesses are closing while the stock market breaks records everyday. Toshiba is declaring bankruptcy, their CEO resigned today. The signs and the real numbers are all there, but the zombies don't pay attention. 

There is a race going on. Who can crash it first.

If Trump can do it soon, then it's possible that Obama can rightly be blamed for the crash.

But if it drags on into the third or fourth quarter, then Trump and his administration will take the fall, and will not survive it politically.

One way or the other, it's looking like these globalist sadists are going to remove our president if he doesn't comply to their wishes. 

I seriously doubt he will.

Trump is used to winning. He's had an amazing life and looks at all this danger like the biggest game, with the highest stakes. 

Our very lives.

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