Friday, February 17, 2017

Media blasted again and censorship

Yesterday was a kick in the teeth.
All I did was share an enormous amount of content on Twitter, just like any other day, and tell a couple of trolls to fuck off.
The next thing I knew, my account was censored for twelve hours. Only my followers could see my articles, vids and tweets. Very new to social media as it is, so I don't have much of a following yet. I opened the account about eight weeks ago to help fight the infowar, and to warn others of what is really going on. The fakestream media as we are now calling it, only feeds us lies and propaganda.

For some reason though, I have been very popular on every account I make. On Facebook, I opened the account in December of 2015, and within three months I had already hit the five thousand friend limit. Even with my account on Twitter censored all day yesterday, I still gained followers throughout the day. Some of my followers were angry, so they shared my stuff a little more, otherwise, instead of it slowing down to a trickle, the constant adding of people would have dried up all together. Still, it put a dent in my productivity. I've got pain issues, and to think that I hurt my hands all day so I could warn five extra people instead of twenty was discouraging.

Today was back to normal, but I could tell that things had slowed down for me. Being very methodical, it takes hours to research the material. Unlike fakestream media, I want to make sure everything I share, or write here is accurate. Truth is powerful in a huge and pure way. Dishonor is the opposite. Once there is a lie found, well we all know, the trust is broken.

So, going in my usual routine, things were slower. Until a well known and good man happened to tweet me. Then people noticed my content again, and the stream was flowing properly.

"It doesn't make sense. People share hardcore porn on here, and argue swearing, using such abusive speech, and they censor you? This is bull shit!" My friend Victor said minutes after the restrictions yesterday. "I'm going to push your stuff even harder today. It's not anything you did wrong. It's because you speak truth and have solid arguments."

That made me feel a lot better, and I tried to encourage Victor to write more himself. He wants to do more too, but has limited time. I have lots of time, and a mind that won't quit, but my body fails me. My health issues are extensive, I could write an entire substantial piece just on that.

One highlight after the week of horrific news, and the unfair censorship, was the press conference that our new POTUS held yesterday.

The 'dishonest media' as president Trump calls them were all there clamoring as always. The president was calm and kind. He even took questions from CNN the Crap News Network as some of us like to call it. CNN is the absolute worst. No other news organization is as biased, and deceitful. Run purely by globalist operatives, they only push a far leftist agenda, peppered with lies. During the very first press conference that Trump held after his inauguration, he refused to take one question from them. Even when the reporter heckled, on and on, after the president told him not to be rude, he still persisted.

"No, I will not give you a question. Your organization is terrible." President Trump repeated several times. "No, I will not. You are fake news." He kept pointing to another female reporter, but she was not able to speak for at least a few minutes. A true debacle for CNN, the reporter made a complete ass out of himself.

Other leftist celebrities took to Twitter the next day to voice their displeasure.

"Never have I had so much trouble sleeping after seeing such a terrifying press conference." Michael Moore stated. There were many statements like this throughout the next few days. Calling president Trump a dictator, fascist, Nazi. Accusations that he had infringed on their free speech just because he didn't want to take a question from a fake news organization.

Yesterday was more subdued, the president took his time and remained calm even though he had to keep answering the same questions about the Russian ruse. This whole Russian thing is a distraction from the real story. It keeps the public's mind off of the leaks in the administration, and the prosecution of Hillary Clinton that has yet to take place.

Clinton is guilty of many war crimes throughout the Middle East. Libya and many other Middle Eastern countries has been a destabilized mess since her term as Secretary of State from 2009-13. She let four American Seals die, after they had asked for help for days.

The earthquake in Haiti during January of 2010 was another travesty due to the Clinton foundation, that she and her husband, former president Bill Clinton ran. It was supposed to be for the benefit of the suffering people there after the massive disaster. For some reason  soldiers from the UN who were there to help supposedly, urinated and defacated in the Haitian's water supply. This caused am epidemic of cholera, that killed ten thousand more besides the death toll of the earthquake itself. The Clintons collected millions of dollars to help these poor people, yet they saw less than four percent of the money. The island still lies in concrete ruins seven years later. A hundred million was raised to build a hospital that the Hatian people still don't have.

These are only a few of her transgressions. Clinton lied under oath on more than one occasion. Deleted and acid washed over thirty three thousand emails, after the Oversight Committee asked for all of her emails, and devices. A week before the election, despite her staff members carrying hammers around to destroy their devices whenever they were caught with one, her aid Huma Abedien also was caught with a laptop that had tens of thousands more emails that Clinton had failed to turn over. The only reason this was discovered was because Abedien's husband, Anthony Weiner was being investigated for pedophelia. But that also is another story. Many suspect that Clinton was working with Obama and the Muslim brotherhood, as she was pushing alliances with Abedien's mother, the top FGM (Female genital mutilation) pusher in Saudi Arabia.

The Russian ruse is quite weak, and none of us beside the lunatic liberals have forgotten Clinton's crimes. Again these are just a few.

When president Trump finally took the question from CNN yesterday, it was comical to say the least. He had already mentioned how terrible and dishonest they and the other networks had been covering his executive orders and other activities since taking office.

In all fairness, all of the networks besides FOX have handled his transfer of power like a political witch hunt. Critical of his every move, always casting the president in the worst light possible. It's unprecedented. Never in anyone's memory has a president been so slandered.

"Since you've attacked our organization calling us fake news.." the reporter was cut off.

"Oh I'm changing it, you're not fake news anymore." The president interrupted him.

"Oh no?"

"No, you're VERY FAKE NEWS." Trump said with a grin. As I laughed out loud in delight so did all the other reporters in the room. The CNN snakelike reporter took it well since he knew the eyes of the nation were on him, and went on to ask another series of tedious repetitive questions.

There were a few fair questions about policies, the travel ban designed to keep terrorists out, and a lot of unfair questions that were meant to trick president Trump into saying what his military plans were in regard to Russia, which could have been tragic if he had taken the bait. We held our breath, knowing this man wasn't a politician, but only an excellent business man for the last forty years.

"I'm not telling you what I'm doing as far as military and I don't have to. I'm not announcing to my enemies what my plans are, I don't have to do that."

Letting out a sigh I only smiled watching the question take many different forms from many different reporters, until he'd had enough and ended the press conference.

The president was was more than fair, gave good answers to reasonable questions, and ignored the jerks that tried to slip in complex ridiculous ones designed to trip him up.

Of course the crazy leftists took to their devices, saying the same rabid craziness that they did after the last conference.

But those of us that knew better were watching the highlights over drinks and laughter. Those lamestream fools had underestimated our POTUS again and it was a delight and relief to see, sorely needed. These are scary times geopolitically. The levity was sorely needed and well deserved.

So tomorrow's another day, as we fight the dying dinosaur media. Some of us love the truth, and we will die defending it.

These are the times we are living in, and for all the terror and hard work, it is an epic time to be alive.


  1. Thank you Jaime for posting this. I'm glad you brought your laser sights to bear on the 'wonderful' Clinton Foundation. What a criminal organization. Even that corrupt ugly Chelsea has been using it for her own personal checking account. Like mother like daughter I guess. Or whatever that saying is. Sorry about your pain issues. I have severe back issues so I understand what living in pain is like. Yet you soldier on. More people should be reading and commenting on your blog. You have some good things to say every time. Keep at it!

    1. Awe thanks so much. I wanted to click a like button on all your comments, but unfortunately Google doesn't offer it.
      It makes me so happy that you like reading my stuff.
      You have to send me some of yours. Have u posted on ur blog yet? I'm very intrigued by ur interests. I think I would love ur work. Hope ur day is good and thanks again love.