Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Submissive Beauty Wants to be Used V

   I woke at about ten minutes to midnight with this awful chest pain. My heart was pounding in my ears, I was covered in sweat, and freezing at the same time. My dog, Lady GaGa, woke with a start and stared at me. Metallica is playing softly through the flashing speakers. Getting up with a really bad sick feeling in my stomach, I walked out through our home to check on the kids. All of the lights were turned down low in the living room and the TV was off. Tanya probably did it. It hadn’t been this quiet or dark in our living room in years. David, Mike, and Jeff are all gone. The kids were both sleeping. Feeling puzzled, but also alarmed. I knew something was terribly wrong but I couldn’t find it.
   When I woke again an hour later it’s because David and Jeff were running around the trailer screaming their heads off.
   “Oh my God! Baby it’s gone! The car it’s gone!” David ran out of the room and then came back holding a big bottle of his Altos Mecca tequila against his chest. I sat up in the bed, and GaGa looked annoyed at me again, putting her paws over her face and snorting. Rubbing sleep out of my eyes I processed what I was hearing. Jeff was in the other room on the phone with someone- I could hear his excited shouting.
   “Yeah man, we’re lucky the trees weren’t bigger….. yeah, I told you, there was three of them…..I know, if they were bigger, we would be dead.”
   I got up feeling the sickness in my stomach return. He actually wrecked my little car. Memories flash at me, a thousand in a second, Oliver at ten years old asking me if he could have it if it’s still running when he learns to drive. Taking the kids to school for hundreds of mornings and running to the gym after. The thousands of times she took me to work, the gym, and brought me back home safely from the deepest and darkest places I had ever been in. I splashed some water on my face and came back out to sit on the bed. GaGa sighed loudly and sat at attention, doing her duty. I lit a cigarette and sat back on the pillows. Looking up at David, his eyes darting around like a scared child, I was thankful I didn’t keep a gun in the house.
   “Start at the beginning,” I said in a calm voice. “Tell me what’s gone.”
   “The car, I just wanted to go for a ride in the old neighborhood, and I was so fucked up I had Jeff drive. We were bored, and I wanted to show him where you lived. It’s so cool down there. He was driving too fast, and he hit a curb down where Dix and Vernor meet.” David’s fists were bunched up against his chest and the whites of his eyes are so pronounced he reminded me of a scared cow. “Then the car just kept going, and we went through three small trees. They were on my side and I thought they were gonna come up and cut me, but the engine block stopped them.” He shakes his head blinking in memory of his panic. “And then as soon as the car stopped we both got out and ran in separate directions we were so freaked out. I brought the face of your stereo back, but we lost everything else.” David broke down in tears, sobbing like a baby. The whole thing came out in such a rush I could hardly conceal my anger.
   “So let me get this straight.” I took another drag. ”You took the car I loved best- in my whole life- and you went to the very neighborhood I grew up in, then you fucking wrecked it and left it. You bring me the face of my radio. And nothing else? You could have called your father to have it towed. He would’ve done it.” A spark of hope flared in my chest. “You still can. That neighborhood is so deserted the police won’t tag it until late tomorrow. Call your father.” I began to plead. “You know how much money went into that car. The memories alone are worth it.” I felt like crying. This couldn’t be happening. But some part of me wasn’t surprised at all. Some part of me expected it.
   “I didn’t do that stupid shit! Jeff did! And I can’t call my father. He won’t help us anyway.” David took another hit off his bottle.
   “You mean you don’t want your father to see you like this! You were so fucked up you gave Jeff the keys.” I held my hand out toward the living room. “He’s a kid compared to us and you took him to the city? In the middle of the night? No, you are responsible for what happened. And you have work in a few hours, you’d better get going on this. I want my car. Back. Now.” I popped open a Rockstar Recovery. No more sleeping for me.
   “I’m so sorry Vicki. I had no idea we were gonna go so far. I should’ve just brought him home.” Jeff threw down his hat. “I swear, I’ll pay for the damage. As soon as I get paid I’ll put something on it.” Pity he didn’t have the money then. I could’ve used a tow. Jeff also lost his smart phone in the wreck.
   David passed out about an hour later. He didn’t go in to work that day. In the late morning he finally went back to the scene, and Dearborn Police were there. Taking pictures, looking around the taped up area for clues, towing my baby blue car away. She had taken such good care of us. She deserved better.

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