Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Submissive Beauty Wants to be Used I

Submissive Beauty Wants to be Used
Jamie LaGrow
  The store's air conditioning was blowing down on my neck and shoulders in my thin tank top, making me stiff. The store intercom was playing 'Sweet Caroline'.  Standing at the Walmart pharmacy counter looking down at it; deciding what I have to put back. I had $178 in my purse.
"I'll be with you in a moment," The pharmacist, a middle aged woman told me while she counted out pills. I needed a moment anyway.
There in front of me, was one gallon of milk, $3.99, two loaves of bread, $5, a Bissel-Xtra-Lite small vacuum cleaner, $39.99, and three composition notebooks, $7. My script of Carboplaitin was $128.
"Hey, Jem! I thought that was you! How you doin doll?" The tapping on my shoulder drew me out of the problem that was before me.
"Hey Roy. Yeah it's me." I replied in a soft distracted voice while looking all around us to see if anyone else I know was at Walmart the same time as Roy and I.
"Wow wow wow doll, I thought I would never see you again. Why didn't you return my calls?" Roy asked me as he ran one age spotted hand through his white hair. He looked concerned, not angry, staring at me through his thick eyeglasses. Probably all of the weight I'd lost. Almost thirty pounds in just twelve weeks. Never been so thin.
"Uh, my phone died. I had to get a new number, and I lost all of my contacts." I shrugged my bony shoulders at him. Really his number was blocked on my phone, but I wasn’t going to say that to him.
"I really wanted to see you again, you're so much fun, and you cry so beautifully... , he trailed off as he put his arm around me and started squeezing my breast. The one I just had surgery on. Yelping before I could stop myself and jump away from Roy. "How can I help you?" The pharmacist asked me, smiling.
"Hi. Yes, I have a script for LaGrow." I told her while trying to keep some distance between me and geriatric Roy. His enthusiasm certainly wasn't rusty. The lady went to look for my medicine.
"We really need to get together again. I have so many new toys I want to show you." Roy was smiling too, but for a different reason as he stepped too close again, leaving no room at all between us and the counter.
"I don't know Roy, I'm really busy with school right now. I can take your number and call you when things calm down." A lie I told Roy as he stroked the side of my face. He stiffened, grabbing my shoulder.
"I'm not interested in giving you my number Jem," Roy said much too loudly, "You know what I want to give you...".
"$191.66." A young clerk said. While I was trying to deal with Roy, she was ringing my items up. They were all bagged and ready to go on the counter.
"Shit! I was supposed to put something back. I'll just have to wait on my medicine. Can you take it off of my order please?" Irritated that Roy even had to show up.
"Your script?" The pharmacist said, incredulous. "Are you certain you want to do this?"
"How much is it?" Roy butts in, looking in his wallet. He holds his American Express card out to the clerk. "Here, put it on this." The clerk took his card.
"No Roy, I don't want this. I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back." I said close to tears. I couldn't believe how bad this day was getting.
"Who said you have to pay me back?" Roy beamed at me as he straightened up from signing the screen on the counter. "You need a break, some time to relax. Come over, I'll put some steaks on...".
"I didn't ask you to buy my shit," I said in a low voice grabbing my bags off of the counter. "and I'm not coming to your house ever again." I smiled at the clerk, "Have a nice day." and started walking toward the store's exit.
"Hey you can't do that!" Roy was shouting. He tried to follow me, but there was no way he could keep up. "You took my money you filthy whore!" was the last thing I heard him say as I outpaced him out of Walmart.

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