Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Submissive Beauty Wants to be Used III For Obvious Reasons

  Many people feel a good responsible wife and mother would never consider such a thing.
She would starve apparently, before she would ever have an independent idea. A sick, starving lady would just have to make due and die quietly, rather than make a bit of noise, and with a little ingenuity make her home a better place with the funds she brings in for her children.
   With only three jobs so far, just with this ad, I've managed to get both Taylor and Tanya all of their school clothes this year, a pair of shoes for each of them, Oliver's shoes, and half of his school clothes. I've also gotten backpacks for all three of them, and school supplies. Doing all of this, and still saving a little. Every time.
   Before this ad, if I had any outcalls of this kind, it would only be through or with one of several men I met at the club I used to dance at. I had quite a few regulars left after only working there for two years. I had to quit two years ago, I was getting too sick to do the job. I wondered why I bothered with it at all when the possibility to place an ad was always there.
   Sometimes I was even lucky enough to get a job where all I had to do was look pretty and smile just to make an insecure guy feel important at a party or business dinner. Shake hands, pay attention, have intelligent conversation for a few hours for anywhere from six to twelve hundred dollars? Sure, I was down.
   For obvious reasons, no one who knew me personally had an inkling of what I do. If people knew- where would that have left my children? What if something happened to me? The kids would’ve always be treated as ‘other’, as that hooker’s brats.
   There were also more immediate reasons.
   Waking up, I sat up disoriented. There was loud music coming from the rest of the trailer, but besides that all I really heard was David’s mouth. His voice was so loud you would think he was at a ball game, not inside his home where people were trying to sleep. It was early on a Wednesday morning. There was school in six hours. Walking with heavy feet, I moved slowly from my bedroom out to the kitchen. Everyone sitting at the table got quiet as if they had just remembered it was the middle of the night.
   Tanya, who had just missed a day from school-with strep throat- was sitting at the table in the cigarette smoke too. She took one look at me standing there watching everything and slinked out of the kitchen and back to bed. I looked up at the clock- 1:04 AM.
   “Baby, are you okay? Why are you up? You just went to bed a couple hours ago.” David said in an uncharacteristically soft voice to me. His friend Mark stayed quiet, but he stared at me like I was some hag that just dragged myself onto dry land from years of living in the swamp. I really didn’t care.
   “I would imagine I am up from the noise.” I said looking at the beer cans and empty plates everywhere. Shuffling over to my chair that was between two tables on the far side of the room, I sat down, lit a cigarette, and looked at my phone. Six missed calls. Why do these people always call at night?
   David sauntered away from the table where he was standing. I looked up yawning and he was right next to me.
   “What happened to the little nugget of weed I kept in your tin?” He was talking about the little Norman Rockwell tin that I keep all of my bud in.
   “I didn’t know you had any in there, when did you start smoking weed?” Puzzled I started checking my emails. He slapped my phone out of my hand and got inches away from my face; holding onto both of the arm rests of my recliner. His shit-beer breath was hot in my face.
   “What, I don’t buy enough for you? You have to smoke my shit too?” He had that tight-lipped, squinted eye look on his face that said he wanted to fight.
   “Look, I didn’t know you had any weed in my tin. I’m just sitting here minding my own fucking business, go back to your friends.” Speaking in a low voice, I blew smoke in his face since I couldn’t hide the venom I was feeling. David shook my chair hard and then straightened up so he could grab my wrist and yank me to my feet. He pulled me to the kitchen table where my tin was dumped out. Little scraps of weed were scattered all over the white tablecloth. In a pile in the middle of the table sat my little medical marijuana jar, my scale, scissors, papers, and my glass bowl.  David picked up an empty dime bag with green happy faces all over it, and shook it in my face.
   “This is where I kept it. My shit, and it wasn’t even safe from my own wife-“David slapped me so hard, that his other hand felt like it would break my wrist as I flew backward. Being half-asleep still, my reflexes sucked, and I fell into the dog dishes spilling dry dog food and water everywhere. I stayed on my feet though because of the vice-grip on my wrist. Both of David’s friends, Mark and Tommy both rose and started getting their shit together. They’d made excuses and were out the door before my vision could clear. This enraged him even worse.
      “I can’t have anything without you taking it. Can’t I have anything for myself?” He whined and threw my wrist away from us. The momentum caught my shoulder and when I spun away he kicked my bad leg from behind, making me fall into the wet mess. Incredulous that he actually bested me I just sat there and started to scoop up the dog food and my soaked cigarette with my hands and drop it into the garbage a few feet away.  David threw a dish towel over my face, and as sleepiness melted away into anger, I used it to dry up the water. Formerly afraid when he was like this, now there was just a burning rage. I was trying to get up, to go change. David saw me moving and turned back to kick me again. This time I was ready for him- I grabbed his foot with both of my hands, moving with his momentum, and twisted as hard as I could, rolling my body with him. David crumpled as his huge body landed on a kitchen chair that exploded into flying splinters before he was rolling in pain next to me.
   I started crawling away. I got to my feet in the small mirrored hallway adjacent to my bedroom. Catching a glance in the mirror as I passed, there was blood running from my lip.  There were pieces of wood stuck in my hair and even a sliver of wood the size of a toothpick stuck in the side of my neck.  Fear rising in my throat, I tried to keep calm. I could still get out of there. Getting inside the room, I threw the lock on the flimsy door. Stripping out of my soaked Hello Kitty pajamas I was rifling through my drawers to find something dry to wear. David had already recovered- and I could hear him swearing and throwing the pieces of the kitchen chair he disintegrated.
   “Fuck!” Apprehension was swallowing me. I finally got ahold of my joggers and slid them on. I was just wiggling into a white tank top when there was a loud crash and the door buckled under great pressure. David was hurling what was left of the unlucky chair against the door. Urgency building so rapidly it felt like a presence in the room. I threw on my green velvet hoodie, and my eyes cast around the room for a pair of good running shoes. Finding my black Reeboks, I had just picked them up when the door flew open, the lock splitting off of the door and breaking another mirror. Shrieking- I grabbed my purse and keys and ran for the back door in the hallway right outside my bedroom doorway. David caught me by the throat and hair and drug me back into the room. When he released me I flew into the side of my small bed, and fell to the ground, my keys, and the contents of my purse clattered everywhere. David grabbed one of my boots laying out and tackled me as I tried to crawl out of the room. With my heart pounding in my ears, he turned me over and straddled my hips, holding my pretty patent leather boot over my face, and his other hand was crushing my throat under his weight.
   “Who the fuck do you think you are smoking my shit too? You greedy bitch. That was my shit! Don’t I buy you enough of your own?” David’s breathing was labored. But I couldn’t breathe, and with both hands I was trying to pull his larger hand off of my closing throat. He let up off of me for a second, but then I felt the side of my head explode in peppered white light as he struck me with the boot. In spite of this, I was still coughing and choking. When trying to get my breath back he stood up, and kicked me in the gut.  Vomiting right there, it was too much- worse than humiliating. He picked me up, stretching the collar of my hoodie and threw me onto the bed.
   My voice was raspy, “What about that time you took my bag next door and smoked the whole thing with Mark? How is anything ever mine if you’re always taking it back?” I was still coughing, and couldn’t get any volume above a loud whisper. Sprawled on my back in the bed, I was ready to pull my feet up and kick him in the face hard if he came closer. David sensed this and kept his distance.
   “It’s all mine!” David was picking the wood out of his bare chest and belly. “Everything you have I pay for. Nothing here is yours. Not even this shitty old trailer.” He moved a bit closer, and both of my feet hit him square in the chest. David shot backward into a speaker set up high on a table- the speaker launched through the window behind it. Shattering glass flew everywhere in a fantastic crash. David shook his head, and stood there, unsure of what to do next. I scrambled over to get a towel, and then threw it over the puke to soak. Between the anger I felt soaking up my own vomit, and the exhilaration of stunning him a moment there was no room left for fear.  Deciding this is enough I stood up and went on-
   “You think you paid for all of that weed you just smoked?” Giving a bitter laugh, “Where do you think the kid’s shoes came from? Hmmm? All of their clothes, school supplies?”
   “I paid for all of this- your dope, your cigarettes, and I paid for the kid’s clothes!” David spluttered, eyes growing wide as he thought of where this was going.
   “With the $42 you gave me after you got your new phone? You must think I’m a fucking miracle worker. Those kids got over two grand worth of stuff before the school year even started stupid.” Still smiling, I couldn’t keep the words in any longer. David looked at me in horror.
   “My mom bought the kid’s stuff! You said Isabelle bought the kids their shoes!” He wanted to hit me again, but he wanted to hear what I had to say even more.
   “No David, I bought the shoes. Did you really think I would let you know if I had any money? You’re too fucking selfish. Your mother spent a couple hundred a piece on the kids, cos she knew you weren’t taking care of us. But the rest came from me.” I finished in a rush. I was exhausted then, and David was coming closer.
   “You didn’t pay for it! Fucking Joe blow paid for it while you were all too happy to spread your legs you filthy cunt!” David punched me in the jaw and I was right back on the bed where I was a second ago. He jumped on me and backhanded me again as I reached for a heavy brass candle holder next to the bed. I should never have said a word, was he going to kill me this time? I started to fold on my side underneath him; held my arms over my head and pulled my knees up like my self- defense teacher taught me. David growled in frustration and reached for one of the many extension cords in the room, yanking it out of the wall. Blocking my face, I couldn’t see though. I only heard the lamp crashing to the ground in the struggle. When he was looping the cord through my arms, my eyes flew open, and I bucked in panic. It was too late though. He flipped me over on my stomach and tied both of my arms up to the elbows tightly to the bed frame. I cried out, face down, powerless. I couldn’t see anything in the awkward way my elbows were tied over my head.  Decided to save my energy. Crying and struggling wouldn’t have helped, and he’d probably gotten off watching me.
   “Playing dead sweetheart?” David was out of breath, but you could still hear the victory in his voice. “You want to be a whore- I need to show you how it’s done. You’re much too bitchy.” He yanked my sweats and panties off as easy as cutting butter. Offering no resistance, he’d just enjoy it more. But my mind was racing, going back to memories I thought were buried. Images burning of the last time this happened terrified me. “What man would pay for this with that fucking mouth of yours running?” He smacked my ass hard, and then slipped a finger inside of me. Laying there limp and resolved not to cry, I still choked back a sob. “After all of these years, why do I have to keep teaching you this?” David sneered at me.
    Whatever he was going to do, I wished he would just get it over with. My arms going numb I tried to relax and concentrate on breathing. Maybe I can go so deep into my mind that he won’t find me.
    David grabbed the back of my head again and yanked it back hard until I cried out again. He was going to break my neck! He stuck two fingers in my mouth down to the knuckle. “Pity I tied you up this way, I wanted some head.” He dropped my head and it bounced on the bed beneath me. Feeling one of my silk scarves passed over my face I screamed. I thought he was going to choke me to death. Before the sound could leave my throat the silk was sliding between my teeth, forcing my jaws apart. He tied it tightly behind my head. “Now I won’t have to hear your shit.” he said and barked a short laugh.
   David started whipping me with something, maybe another extension cord. Breathing, through it- it started off as a sharp sting, and built into cutting blows that made me jerk and scream on the bed. He was yelling at me, but through the biting pain I didn’t hear what he was saying. Covered in sweat, shaking with tears running silently down my face by the time he finished- there must’ve been bleeding welts all over my back, ass and legs. David thrusted inside of me like an animal over and over- lifting my hips off of the bed violently. I screamed and choked feeling every searing open cut he touched. Fear rebounded harder than ever. This was too much. He was surely going to kill me. He grabbed my jar of coconut oil next to the bed I used for sunbathing. Hearing him grease his hands I whimpered and bucked into the mattress with his cock still inside me. All reasonable thought had left my head by then.
   David shoved two fingers hard into my ass. I could feel his fingernails cutting the delicate tissue. The initial pain was like boring a hole where there was none previously. It was so bad I screamed through my gag.
   “Like that stupid hoe? Does it feel good? What makes you think your stuff isn’t mine? I can do whatever I want to you.” David pulled my hoodie over my head, making seeing or breathing near impossible. He pulled his cock out and shoved it in my ass deep, sodomizing me as I laid there shaking and gasping for breath. Every few minutes he pulled out and pushed deep in my vagina getting his cock good and wet before he could go another round on my ass. He was so rough I was going to split in two. His warm vinegar sweat stink filling my nose. I’m not sure how long this went on. It was an eternity.
   “I can’t cum this way, I need your mouth.” Feeling the cord come loose, blood ran into my cold hands and arms. They felt so full of pins and needles, I still couldn’t move them. He had my sharp pocket knife from my purse in his hand. In his other hand was a bag of zip-ties he had stolen from work. Turned on my side, but my arms were still numb. “C’mon and be a good whore for daddy.”  David pulled on my hoodie, yanking it off of me and I slid off of the bed and onto the floor again with an exhausted moan.
He pounced on my back, zip tying my wrists behind me. Sitting on me pushing on the back of my neck with my gagged head turned sideways he said, “Hold still Vicki, I don’t wanna cut your pretty face.” I felt the blade slide up next to my cheek, and in the next instant the scarf slipped away, but he still kept the sharp knife next to my face. “For every tooth I feel- I’ll cut a notch out right here,” he pushed the blade against my cheek, “got it?”  Feeling his weight pull up off of me, he then snatched me up by the hair- pushing and kicking me into a sitting position on the floor, my back and arms up tightly against the bed. There was blood smeared all over his torso, cock and legs. Wondering how much laundry I had to do that day as he held my face with both hands, using both thumbs prying my lower jaw open. He stood over my prone face, and pushed his dirty cock all the way down my throat, holding it there until I was jerking my whole body fighting to get away. He still held my hair at the nape of my neck, and my jaw in a crushing grip. When I shook my head hard in a last ditch effort for air, his cock flew out with gobs of saliva flying everywhere as I caught my breath. Wash rinse repeat. David kept doing this until my fighting began to irritate him. He pulled out and backhanded me.
 “Stop it. I own every inch of you. You’re gonna take this and love it.” He slurred and then switched up to full out throat fucking. Weakness threatening to overtake me again I kept my mouth open as wide as I could, slurping gulps of air at any opportunity, but remembering David’s promise. I wasn’t really afraid any more, just resigned.  He pounded my throat so hard and fiercely, I was afraid the kids would wake and hear the squishing and squelching sounds. David was so drunk his climax took forever to arrive. Finally with both hands on the back of my head holding me still- he thrusted deep and hard the last few times, spraying his rotten metallic tasting spunk down my throat. I fell away panting and choking again.
   While I laid there in a heap he returned with the knife to cut the zip-tie holding my wrists. I coughed and squirmed away from him, while he sat in my bed laughing at me. He grabbed me again by the back of my neck and held my face in his foul hands.
   “I don’t care who fucks you, how they fuck you, or what they do to you really. But you better not ever keep money from me again. I’ll bring my friends in here next time- we can take turns on you.” Laughing he pushed me back down on the floor.
   Before I took a shower, I looked at my face and body to assess the damage. My jaw on the right side had a purple knot on it. My eye on the same side was the same shade, but a puffier raised welt. There were red angry welts from my upper back down to my legs. Most of them had burst and rivulets of dried blood covered me. I had big swollen red spots everywhere from the body kicks, the one on my stomach was the largest and most painful. Blood was still running slowly out of my right ear. Dried flecks of blood were all over my face.
   No John had ever beat me this badly.
   I had to lock myself in my room that day. Too injured to clean up the damage I hollered to the kids that I was sick with a bad cold, and didn’t want them to catch it, and collapsed into bed. After almost a week I finally emerged, and had to lie again. This time taking a fall walking the dogs, to explain the bruises on my face that were still there.
   This is why it had to be kept a secret.

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